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Security Best Practices

It is a good practice that Users should change their password frequently. Users are encouraged to enable two-factor authentication and notification for better account security.

Users may consider using secure password and a trusted password manager Facebook has identified which users were impacted and forced logout of those users. If you have been logged out of Facebook account, please re-login the account as instructed.

Users should be vigilant to phishing attempts such as unsolicited or suspicious calls and emails. Scammers could even falsely claim to have sensitive data from the hack, demanding a ransom in exchange for not releasing it.

Users can visit the "Security and Login" tab within the site's settings menu, where they can see a list of any services where they’re signed in with Facebook login and can sign out if no longer want to use it through Facebook.

Users can also see on which devices they are logged into Facebook, disconnecting any they don’t recognize or don’t want logged in. They can also check their recent posts and Facebook messages for any signs that their accounts might have been used in spamming or phishing attacks.

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