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  • eLearning is an initiative of ISMO Haryana to spread awareness and build knowledge on various topics related to Information & Cyber security to students of different age groups with an objective to build Cyber Secure ecosystem.

  • eLearning portal intends to educate the students online and build Cyber Security Hygiene towards issue of online games, chatting, academic information, etc. as students are generally not aware of the impact of Cyber threats with unsafe use of Internet from hackers, Cyber Bullies, Stalkers and Online Predators, etc. The vision of this online portal is to highlight the importance of cyber security among students and need to give prominent place in day to day use to avoid Cyber related threats.

  • The Students of class 5 th - 8 th and class 9 th - 12 th can learn and build basics of Cyber Security Hygiene.

  • Students can learn the contents by creating a login in simple steps.

  • 5 attempts are allowed to clear the exam per student

  • A digitally signed certificate from Chief Information Security Office (CISO) Haryana will be issued to successful candidate.

  • In order to access the knowledge attained by the students an online test can be attempted after the finishing of training modules after which digitally signed certificate shall be issued to respective students by ISMO.

  • The Digitally Signed Certificate can also be verified by the school administration by entering the Certificate Number on the verify certificate link ( ).