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1 Cyber Crime Awareness Booklet 15-11-2021 Click Here - In English
Click Here - In Hindi
2 Awareness Session on Cyber Security - by Sh. Amit Beniwal 12-10-2021 Click Here
3 Handling Cyber Security Incident and Crisis Management - by Sh. Amit Beniwal 28-09-2021 Click Here
4 Security Incidents in Haryana Domain - by Sh. Amit Beniwal 26-08-2021 Click Here
5 Cyber Security for Technical Team - An Overview Session by Sh. Sudipta Choudhury 26-07-2021 Click Here
6 Haryana Workshop on CII Protection 21-08-2018 Click Here
7 Policy on Adoption of Open Source Software for Government of India 21-08-2018 Click Here
8 Operational Level Workshop Booklet on Information Security & Digital Payment Awareness 2017 Click Here
9 Gazette notification of Policy on use of IT resources of Government of India 19-02-2015 Click Here