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About ISMO

Information Security (more commonly referred to as cyber security) has gained increased significance during recent years in view of the exponential growth in cyber threats arising not just from organized groups but also from state sponsored actors. Security is becoming more and more established in the Government structure and it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of an IT department. To address this subject, a dedicated organizational structure known as the Information Security Management Office (ISMO) along with the scope/charters was approved by the Apex IT Committee of the state (known as IT PRISM) under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Haryana in its 30th meeting held on 18th March, 2014.

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Secure Your System

  • Keeping Children Safe Online

    When a child is using your computer, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient. Children present additional challenges

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  • Fake Antivirus

    Fake antivirus is malicious software (malware) designed to steal information from unsuspecting users by mimicking legitimate security software

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  • Preventing to Identity Theft

    You can be a victim of identity theft even if you never use a computer. Malicious people may be able to obtain personal information (such as credit card numbers

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  • Minimize the access for others

    You may be able to easily identify people who could, legitimately or not, gain physical access to your computer family members, roommates, co - workers

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